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I'm Kelly and my job is assisting you with anything you need to ensure you are a happy user of gatherX!

Whether you have questions, comments, technical issues, or need to report misbehaviour of others (and we might ban them after a review) - everything goes through me.

I will pass it on to other members of the gatherX team if necessary. But I will always keep track of everything and ensure you get the response you need as quickly as possible - usually within 24 hours.

Reporting inappropriate behaviour

You can speak freely here. Avoiding censorship of controversial group chats is a key value at gatherX at a time when the other large social sites have been caught out for censoring content on questionable grounds. We believe in healthy debate and conversation, and that for diversity to flourish in a society there to needs to be a platform where a plurality of views and even controversial ideas can be discussed freely – that’s gatherX.

That said, we have ZERO tolerance towards cowardly, pointless trolling and criminal behaviour. If you believe any content posted is not serving any purpose other than trolling or is inciting violence or promoting criminal activity please report it by clicking the next to the comment in the Group chat.

Please be aware: minors might be present in your Group chats. You are responsible for the content you may be exposing those minors to. If you need to share ideas that are unacceptable for minors, it is your responsibility to create a private Group chat to which they are not given access. Be warned that bullying can be considered a criminal offence.

Email: kelly@gatherx.com