Becoming a real life Gossip Girl

I can’t stand being out of the loop. My phone is my life, just this morning I had over a dozen messages just waiting for me. Each one filled with the gruesome details about Sam’s party last night. I mean, why does he even try? It’s not like he’s going anywhere?

The concept behind my life came from Gossip Girl. I still remember sitting there, completely intrigued by the fact that someone could know everything about everyone. I’ve always been good at working things about, to my internal horror, my dad decided to ‘affectionately’ refer to me as ‘Nancy Drew’. I know awful, my life is much cooler than that. If anyone wants to know anything about a teacher, local police officer or the girl next door, I’m the one to ask.

I guess I have the internet to thank for all this. I mean I’ve managed to set up a whole network using platforms like Facebook and GatherOnline…