Best of the Best Chat Avenue

There was a time when people had a fixation with talking to strangers, making discussions over a certain topic, sharing knowledge, exploring the wide cultured minds, developing online personalities, bringing out the innermost thoughts and anonymous flirtations or walking down the lane of finding a time pass acquaintance. It was more of an Internet Chit Chat peak time.

In this peak time, Chat Avenue was one among the icons of the anonymous instant messaging era which was the extremity of quirkiness and transgression though slightly bent towards the level of inventiveness because in this era, Chat Avenue like all other instant messaging Chat sites, was a new and semi lawless space that introduced a feeling of uncertainty that any unexpected thing could happen.


Chat Avenue got registered in 2000 that makes it one of the world's oldest and most popular Chat room. It is a worldwide chat service that brags to be ranked as a #1 'Chat Ave' for online free chat rooms. Chat Avenue is free and requires no registration of chat rooms but wonder, that what could possibly be the worst thing of it or what can possibly irritate a user ( Anyone ?)

A user of 'Chat Avenue' once happened to describe his worst experience with this anonymous instant messaging icon. He explained in vexation that 'Chat Avenue' has the most disgusting categories for a chat, he has ever seen. He mentioned the chat categories which included 'Teen chat', 'Kids chat', 'Gay chat', 'Gay Teen chat', 'Teen Flirt chat', 'College chat', 'Adult chat', 'Lesbian chat', 'Girls chat', 'Date chat' and many more, to be of no point because all of them could be summed up into a single chat room. He wasn't the one of his suggestion, like him there are thousands of people to whom 'Chat Avenue' seems to be a disgust and who looks for an alternative to it.

A social networking site which is nowadays the most trending among the list of its own kind of websites, named as 'gatherX', has proved to be the best alternative for 'Chat Avenue' which was once considered to be the best icon of its kind.


'gatherX' requires no disgusting categories as like that of 'Chat Avenue'. It gathers all the like-minded strangers into a single place, where they can talk about anything they want by just creating a 'Discussion'. To avoid the irrelevant, meaningless and unethical talks, 'gatherX' provides the users with an option of limiting the days, a gathering can last so that no prolonged irrelevant discussions can occur.

So, if you are a hopeless person of 'Chat Avenue' or want to have a real-time discussion that is worth your value, log on to 'gatherX', a place like none else.