Best way to deal with your cravings of interaction?

I am kind of a boy who loves to discover new things by reading about them. I love to read, read and read as much as I can, no matter about what comes next on my reading list. I actually crave for knowledge that is yet hidden from my eyes and mind. I have a desire to be extraordinaliy acknowldged about everything that an average person can get his/her mind on in their lives. Basically I long to be a mini encyclopedia. Yes, yes I know how foolish it sounds to be but what can I do? It is the desire of my life and I have to give it a shot every day I live and certainly I do so.

Its been a couple of months that boredom has fallen into my path of achievement. I now get tired while reading a book, consisting of plenty of pages that can easily pass my several days, but what remains the same is my lust for knowledge.

Having stepped into my teenage, this lust has drove me to a whole new beginning where I have begun to fascinate the world of interaction because now I’ve got tired of the printed letters that form words which ultimately combines to make up a sentence of knowledge.Though these books do make sense and are a convenient source of information, but now I don’t get along with them anymore. I have turned myself into a kind of a teenager who loves to explore other peoples experiences so that I can fullfill my lust for information and knowledge. I have realized that no matter how much you read, practically it all does differ from the real experiences and the real world out there. I now crave for an interaction that can bring an endless entertainment and fun as well as knowledge, positivity, confidence, information, transformation and grooming to my personality.

Trust me you all! I have tried plenty of ‘Chat Sites’ to get the job done but Alas!! Its always proved to be a dead end with a useless and meaningless interaction. I also have tried Web’s oldest chat rooms like ‘Chat-Avenue’ which brags to be a #1 ‘Chat ave’ for online free chat rooms and no doubt, all chat avenues are free and no registration of chat rooms is required but the major irritating thing that I have experienced is its disgusting categories like ‘Teen chat’, ‘Kids chat’, ‘Gay chat’, ’Gay teen chat’, ’Teen flirt chat’, ’Chatear chat’, ‘Comcast chat’, ‘College chat’, ‘Adult chat’, ‘Lesbian chat’, ‘Girls chat’, ‘Chat forums’ and many more.

I mean, what’s the whole point of making all these categories distinct, can’t I just have all of them in a single chat room? Why do I have to specially join one of them? I just wanted a conversation that can bring me some information and knowledge about people experiences but I realized that I have to look somewhere else.

So, I then moved to ‘Chat Bazaar’; a free dating website but I got it clear that all I can get there is a desperate date only. Mustering up the courage to get back to the old-school life of books after this failure, I accidently happen to watch a video advertisement of ‘gatherX’. Somehow it caught up my attention while the hope was still alive and I logged on to this site by following an article named ‘How to set up an account on gatherX’ in its ‘Buzz’. After creating the account I found another article in the same place named ‘gatherX- A Complete Guide’. I went through the article and created a gathering in the sake of my last hope. I was totally astonished to see the outcome. Within a day, I got so many replies in a long, long conversation and that was what I never expected out of it.

I finally got a way to achieve my goal as the conversation of the Discussion was full of entertainment, knowledge and information as all the people in the Discussion shared their experiences and knowledge of only about the topics that I put on the table avoiding all the irrelevant talks that I previously undergone in all the free chat rooms and e chats. I got more than that I was looking for and I am hopeful that these meaningful conversation will groom up my personality and will bring a positive confidence to me. Now I agree with the claim that ‘gatherX’ is for sure the world’s best and most trending social networking site and I will definitely recommend it in my social circle as I hope that it will also bring light to the meaningless life spaces of other people. Great Shot ‘gatherX’ , keep it up.

All of you out there! give this site ‘gatherX’ a try and if not I assure you that you’ll wander into the desert of hopelessness and darkness.