Disadvantages of Surgery Games

Hello Friends!!! I'm a regular user of gatherX, as an introduction to that; it is world's most trending social networking website where strangers with like minds come across each other on a platform and undergo discussions on the topics of their choices in their self created Discussions.

Recently on gatherX's Buzz, I have read an article named What on Earth Surgery Games Are? and were astounded to go through that stuff. Through that article I were informed that Surgery Games are a type of games in which you get your hands on some surgical training and where your laptop screens prove to be a real 'Operation Theatre' situation in which you performs an operation of the part you would like to operate using the input devices of your machine. I agree to that user of gatherX, that it does sound bizarre.

Living in a world of pain, we all know that only a few of us have the urge to go under the knife in their life, though most of us will have to do so at some point. And then there is also a lot who would like to have a hand at cutting. For all of us, Surgery is no doubt one of those professions that takes guts along with much of a patience and practice.

But how exactly these launched Surgery Games are effecting our minds? Are these Surgery Games useful? Do they benefit to ones knowledge or not? A one familiar which such Surgery games must give these questions a thought. What is the gain of such Surgery games? I would surely love to hear about any positive point that they reflect but right now all I could fear is that what a horrible way is it to develop a sense of painlessness into one's life.

I honestly believe that Surgery is meant to be operated when one have a proper sound knowledge and practice along with proper tools and instruments under supporting conditions and appropriate situations. I don't have any objection on these Surgery games but on the value that they market. One among such Surgery games, I don't want to name it, has a tag line: ' We create the best helping hands to assist doctors in Surgery'.

I am sure that all of you would also object that it isn't a proper way to train surgeon assistants and they cannot market themselves with such fake tag lines. How can they provide the proper knowledge of training just on a laptop screen? Such games are an insult to the original profession So all of you out there , just say "NO" to such Surgery Games and don't let your child be inspired by such Surgery Games because it can bring severe damage to the psychology of your child.

And please feel free to post on gatherX, because this platform is the hub of actual knowledge over which one can discuss. Thumbs up to the owners and to the writer of the article mentioned earlier.