Discussing the big issues

Have you ever thought of a random topic and wanted to spark conversation with a complete stranger? I usually have a million different questions I want to talk about, some that comprise the strangest topics. Although I enjoy having a face-to-face discussion with friends over a glass of wine about said topics, there’s nothing quite like an intellectual discussion over the internet.

I’ve always been the type of person who starts a debate on Facebook. Either I’ll share a link to a controversial political video or comment on something that’s sure to receive plenty of attention. The only problem with this is that I often feel afraid of what other people will think of what I have to say, especially because Facebook is filled with my friends or people that I know – and if they don’t like something that I say, I worry that our friendship may be affected. So with this in mind I was on the hunt to find a place I can freely speak my mind and talk about the big issues that are circulating the news right now – or odd topics that people don’t really get to discuss.

I prefer gatherX when it comes to this, as I can really get down to the nitty gritty and open a can of worms. I recently joined a conversation about Donald Trump, and why the creator of the group backs him. It was refreshing to see the pros of the president, instead of the usual negatives that he receives. I got talking to the other users about what they think, and many people grew defensive over why they don’t support him.

After reading about that, I was drawn to the conversation about fake news, as it’s a topic that’s always appealed to me. I’ve always known that the news that we hear is over exaggerated or at times fabricated, but it’s a pity most people aren’t aware of it. I think these groups are a good way to reveal the hidden layers that are often ignored because people don’t choose to know the truth.

If you’re someone who loves to talk about these bigger issues, you’ll benefit from these groups.

  • They help to open your mind about the information that’s out there
  • Get you thinking about political issues you might ignore
  • Instigate you to research and read more
  • You’ll begin to care more about what’s happening around you
  • Educate yourself about significant topics and issues that are happening right now
  • Discuss deep issues with others who share your passion for politics

Of course, there’s more to learn then just politics though. I also happened to meet a real interesting bunch of people that talked about the overgrowing population and the impact it’s having on the earth – something that should be in the limelight but isn’t.

I feel as though I can use Facebook and Instagram to maintain my friendships, without jeopardizing them with my hefty opinions, but can use gatherX to be myself and talk about the things that mean a lot to me.