Entertainment news is better when it’s talked about

People always tell me that I’m a bit of an entertainment aficionado – always up to date with the latest happenings and events that are occurring around the world. I find it easy to stay tuned to news and circulating information, especially with the amount of info that’s all over the internet – on google, Facebook and other online websites.

But I feel as though gatherX is a good way for me to stay up to date with what’s happening around the world, while being able to talk about it all with others at the same time. Every entertainment group is interesting and focuses on a different angle of news that you wouldn’t usually find online – like a forum mixed with a Facebook group. Although I once preferred Facebook for random bits of news, I find that everyone competes against each other about what they think is true and it’s easy to create a debate online.

Also the topics on Facebook are a little more serious for my liking. Sometimes (when I’m tired of all the political and hard news) I like talking about topics like Friends vs How I Met Your Mother and whether Tupac dated Madonna – who talks about this stuff on Facebook these days? Nobody. I think my interest in soft news and entertainment is not something that others quite enjoy. My friends think it’s silly and irrelevant.

I was chatting to a group of other people the other day about a very random topic that you’d usually have in a casual face-to-face conversation “What do you miss most about the 90s?” Of course there are a lot of things I miss about the amazing era – the clothes, the TV shows, the music and life in general – it was a carefree era. Although it might appear as though I’m living in the past, I’m not the only one.

It appears a lot of people miss the 90s, especially the music and movies that almost made the era what it’s known for today. Shows like Hey Arnold (all Nickelodeon really), Sister Act, etc – the list goes on, and on. A few other people talked about how much they’re keen for the future, which also gets me excited at the same time. Especially if gatherX is a snippet of what can happen online, it will only get better in years to come.

This topic filled with unique groups appeals to people (like me) who–

  • Are interested in gaming
  • Enjoy film or music, or both
  • Like to gossip about celebrities
  • Are infatuated by celebrities
  • Love the bygone eras – childhood memories
  • Like to talk to other entertainment gurus
  • Are interested in politics

You can really find any type of entertainment groups and chat rooms throughout this topic, which is why it attracts different people to it who are interested in diverse and unique fields. Although the topics may differ from each other, they bring the same type of people together.