Finding Someone To Share Your Shopaholic Sorrows

Ok, I’d like to start by saying that I’m not a shopaholic. I just like shopping, a lot. There isn’t anything wrong with that right? Just last month, I found this gorgeous PRADA bag. It was the latest edition, and looked absolutely immaculate, so naturally I brought it. My husband was very unimpressed. He doesn’t understand fashion, shopping, or anything in between. In fact, our conversation went something like this;

“Jake! Look, I found a PRADA bag.”

“Don’t you already have a bag? The one with the blackstrap?”

“Yes, I do but this is PRADA.”


“Jake, it’s PRADA. It’s the latest edition. I’d be an outsider if I didn’t have it!”

“Right. Sure, love. Whatever you say. So, where are we going for dinner?”

I mean seriously, I show him my bag and all he can think of is food? Typical. I guess my sister was right; ‘a man’s concern is always his stomach’. She used to get my need to shop. In fact, we spent a lot of time on the phone discussing my latest finds. But now she’s a million miles away with a baby. I mean, I love Annie but God, that baby doesn’t stop crying. Her colic makes it absolutely impossible to give Rose, my sister, updates on my latest shopping sprees. So, now I settle for sending her pictures and waiting for a quick comment in reply.

The conversation with Jake is an ongoing thing, with some variation of it taking place every time I have some ‘me time’. I go out, buy something that’s absolutely stunning and Jake doesn’t get it. At wits end, I usually end up spending an hour in the evening on the internet. Facebook’s great if I want to put up pics of my latest investments. As are snapchat and instagram. Did you know, I have over 1000 followers?

My supervisor is thrilled, especially when I put up tid bits about my day at work. It’s good publicity for them, and I’m sure that it was part of the reason for my latest promotion. At least, that’s what Janice from accounting told me; she overheard a conversation between Macy, my supervisor’s assistant, and Greg, the resident gossip guy. I don’t mind though, I mean it came with a brilliant bump in my pay check, allowing me to go out and get some more SEPHORA makeup.

Anyway, so I was on the internet skimming through the comments on my latest post when I came across a site called GatherOnline. One of my avid followers suggested that I join and hold discussions inviting fellow ‘shopaholics’, honestly I hate that term, to share their experiences. So, I did and it’s been great. Two weeks in and I’ve made a friend called Felicity. She’s in a similar situation, expect surprisingly enough it’s her sister who doesn’t understand. We actually have a ‘shopping date’ coming up; we decided that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to share our sorrows and get out all of our glee before we went home to the ‘outsiders’!