I Desperately Needed Help Staying On The Diet Track

When I think of a diet, I think of looks and health. I try my best to lean towards the latter, but I have to say that that’s not what passes through my head when I stare at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that I’m not well, fat. The problem is, the slightest bit of weight gain always shows! So, I need to be on guard at all times.

This isn’t easy. I mean, when you come home from work in the evening a good movie and a chocolate are so tempting! I work hard to keep ‘healthy’ snacks like nuts, and banana’s in the fridge at all times. I even drink loads of water to curb my hunger. But carbs are my thing, I need potatoes! I mean, people died in an Irish potatoes famine so they are definitely an essential part of every diet.

It’s not just the food though. It’s the exercise. I have a route that I run every morning before work but I always feel like I need to do more. Ideally, I should join a Yoga class but with between work and various other personal obligations that I really can’t commit to it.

I tried copying various exercise videos and I downloaded an app that my friend recommended. But the problem is that when someone isn’t standing over me, demanding to see my progress, it’s easy to ignore the exercise of the day for more important errands. App messages are easy to dismiss, you can make them go away with a swipe of the hand and feel no guilt at all! Especially when your mind tells you, its ok, it’s late, just sleep and get onto it tomorrow. Exercise procrastination, I guess that’s what my problem is.

After I put on a pound, I decided to knuckle down and try to work out a way to stay on the ‘diet track’. I spent my lunch break surfing the net, reading an array of ‘tip’ articles. That’s when I came across GatherOnline. It’s quite an interesting website, people put up messages and take part in discussions regularly. I tried it out and after taking part in a few of the posts that were already up, I decided to try starting a discussion of my own.

It was quite interesting, and exciting. Especially when people began to respond to my ‘question’ of the day. After I built up a following, I set up a post for exercise and asked my peers to put up a message every day, at a set time. I have a need to check my messages and social media sites, especially if I know someone is waiting for my reply. That’s what made this system work so well. Using it, I am able to make sure that I exercise every day or else suffer humiliation at the very thought of telling my followers that I caved that day and ignored my exercise schedule!