In Desperate Need Of Twilight Hater Company!

Ok, seriously what is with Twilight and Harry Potter? It’s like the masses attach themselves to a book series and ignore everything else out there. The book industry is huge, and it’s growing every day but there are so few ‘trends’ that people just can’t seem to look past!

I’m sorry, you probably think I’m a deranged psychopath. I’m not, honestly. I just happen to love books. You don’t have to stick to or even show any love for the classics, though Heidi is still one of my all-time favourite books. I just think that if people limit themselves to one or two ‘hit’ novels, they are seriously wasting and dismissing all the potential that is out there. And in some cases, even dumbing themselves down. I mean have you seen some of the plots nowadays? Exactly, because there are none. You walk into a shop and it’s all the same. Love, boys and some God forsaken brainless girl who thinks far too much of herself. I know that there is such a thing as poetic license, but seriously aren’t some people taking it a bit too far?

My passion is to read. I will move from Science Fiction and fantasy, to thrillers, non-fiction and satire in a week. There are so many amazing authors out there, creating the most gut wrenchingly real worlds; with compelling characters and extensive plots. In my opinion, the language in such cases is key. For an author to capture a reader’s attention, in the right way, they need to write well. Otherwise, you get the books that some girls are swooning over today- with plot holes and grammar mistakes galore!

The extent of the book industry works against me I’m afraid. I have to search for people who read stories that I love. Sites like GatherOnline have definitely made it easier. It’s less searching, more sit back and hope to God someone agrees with your ‘radical ideas’.

At least, that’s what poor naïve me thought at first. I spent my teenage years thinking I was a complete and absolute outsider, with no hope of finding people with similar tastes in books. To my glee, I was completely wrong.

There are actually hordes of them, ‘rebelling’ against the book trends and reading books that aren’t ‘conventional’, so to speak. We have a wonderful time posting discussions about our hatred for twilight, our love for John Grisham, Terry Brookes and other lesser known authors.

My roommate is actually worried about how much time I am spending in front of the screen. Believe it or not, I actually spent a lot of time with a book in hand or chatting nonstop about a new idea I’d come across that day.

Now, I don’t need to wonder if people actually understand, or listen, when I speak! I’ve found people who think the same, and if they don’t have some really interesting reasons to substantiate their claims. I mean that’s part of being an avid bookworm right, expanding your horizons and exercising your brain!