Make business connections wisely online.

If you own a business and are responsible for the nitty gritty marketing that’s involved, you’ll know how difficult it can be to spread the word for success. The internet is an amazing tool that can be utilised to make business connections, attract clients or promote your product.

I’ve found that many friends who own businesses use the internet to showcase their product or company via a number of online platforms implementing different strategies. I once owned a a pet clothing business that didn’t do so well, and unfortunately shut down due to low numbers and traffic to my site. It’s a competitive field, and anyone will tell you that business doesn’t grow overnight – it takes time, hard work, perseverance, dedication, and a willingness to adapt to the ever changing demands of society and technology. If you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind.

I was looking on Instagram at the ways that people promote their business, and the response is quite impressive, with likes and followers in a matter of minutes. But what I did notice is that Instagram is super competitive and to make your posts seen, they must be visually appealing – striking almost. A specific aesthetic is valued on Instagram, and usually it’s a plain white backdrop with the subject in focus. I feel like this structure can be a little too restrictive, but if you don’t follow suit, your products may not get any attention from the wide audience.

Then there’s Facebook, which of course is another awesome tool to promote your business, products or to make connections online. But you’re required to pay a fee to advertise your site, which can add up – and if you’re not making enough money, this can be another annoying cost to add to the list.

What I like about using gatherX is that you can subtly advertise business ideas and products in an unobvious way, with a very different clientele willing to hear more about it. For example, a group I recently joined discussed the best beauty products of 2017, with the usual list of commercial products making the cut. However, if you have an unfamiliar and off the shelf product that’s available online, you can share it with users so they can try it out. I find this beneficial for a number of reasons, including personally building a relationship with prospective buyers. A long term relationship will also bring in new clients if they do happen to like your product, as they may tell their friends, who will tell their friends and so on.

While chatting in this group chat, I sent a link to a friend’s teeth whitening product that instantly sparked interest from the other users. They were intrigued by it and said they’d give it a go because I personally sent them the link and mentioned the great benefits. If you’re an artist for example, you can even share your artwork with like-minded people who may feel inclined to look at what you do– and if available to purchase online, might just order one of your pieces.