My Weight Loss Journey—How I Brought My Life Back On Track

How it all began

My weight loss journey was a long and arduous one. My life had been so troubled that I found comfort only in eating and drinking. My parents got divorced and then proceeded to marry other people, breaking up my small but comforting family unit. Being a minor, I was forced to live with my dad and new stepmom, who totally couldn’t stand me. High school was terrible—I was constantly picked on by bullies and my grades were at all all-time low due to all the tension at home. When I failed Art and Design, my favourite subject, I hit a new level of low.

In those times, when I felt I was alone in this world and nobody cared about me, food was my go-to source of comfort. I spent my entire allowance (luckily, dad’s a business tycoon and money has never been an issue) on buying junk food. Burgers, fries, ice-cream, pizza, tacos, hotdogs, chocolates, crisps, donuts—you name it. I would spend hours upon hours binging on my favourite TV shows while inhaling all sorts of calorie-laden foods. I knew my lifestyle was harmful, possibly fatally so. But I could not find the desire to snap out of my depressive state. I was stuck in a limbo—and it was terrifying!

Things only got worse

They say things become worse before they can get better. I can vouch for that! Within a few months, I was unrecognizable. My face and torso had become dangerously bloated and even the most basic tasks had become challenging. Even climbing up the stairs to my bedroom was nothing short of hellish. Of course, my darling stepmother had to add salt to the gaping wounds in my heart. She delighted in calling me derogatory names, especially when she invited one of her posh society friends over. It was all I could do to keep from falling into black depression.

But all was not yet lost

It was my Art and Design teacher who finally stepped in. Before my life spiralled, I had been one of her brightest students. Now, I could barely find the motivation to complete my regular assignments, let alone excel in them. She had been concerned for a long time, but hadn’t known how best to approach me. When she finally told me to meet her after class, all she asked was that I tell her the truth. I was so tired and frustrated that I spilled all my troubles.

My teacher, bless her soul, got me the help I desperately needed. I started seeing a therapist, who helped me work through my troubles one by one. She encouraged me to join a support group for troubled individuals like me. She also referred me to a nutritionist who prepared a step-by-step diet plan for me. Suddenly, I had a goal in life. I realized then just how much of a difference it made, considering I had been drifting through life with no aim or purpose these past several months.

As I cut back on all the junk I’d been eating and began incorporating some greens into my meals, my nutritionist also added some easy workouts on my to-do list. I started out small. Baby steps. I was at a point where even a few minutes of exercise left me sweating and fatigued. But I held steady and my stamina began growing day by day. I joined some support groups online, where I was able to talk about my issues and get emotional help from others like me.

How joining a support group helped me

I wish I could say my weight loss journey was easy and painless. In fact, it was anything but. Some days, I could barely find the motivation to get out of bed or to resist the first tasty snack I came across. The only thing stopping me was the support I received from my friends at GatherOnline, a diverse forum where I met many people struggling with self-esteem issues. My experience with GatherOnline has truly changed my life. I have realized how important it is to have a support system around you—once you have that, you can achieve anything.

My life has certainly taken a new turn since I joined GatherOnline. I would sincerely advise you all to give this platform a try. Here, you can connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions, no matter what they may be. I wasn’t disappointed. I am confident you won’t be either.