Raising mental health awareness online

Making friendships online is even easier these days with so many websites that connect you with other people who are looking for the same thing. Whether it’s just for a chat, long term friendships, or romance, you can find something to suit in a matter of seconds. This can be difficult if a person is suffering from mental health concerns that can often make one feel alone or isolated.

However, I feel as though the stigma of mental health is slowly fading and people are connecting to others who are similarly experiencing the same thing. Although you may reside in a little town or city you can chat to anyone in another country, which only helps to heal that feeling of isolation. The internet has no limits, and time zones become irrelevant.

I’ve always used Instagram as a way to connect to others, especially when it comes to mental health, as people share their journey with one another. But other than that it’s not immediate, and messages that are sent to another user aren’t usually responded to straight away. This can be hard for a vulnerable person who is looking to chat with someone during these tough times.

I found that gatherX allows you to converse with other sufferers or people who are interested in raising mental health awareness, with a range of health related groups created by different users. I even like that I can create my own group focused on mental health, to attract people from all over the world to it.

Discussing mental health and suicide is important for a number of reasons:

  • Raise awareness and end the stigma
  • Reduce suicide rates around the world
  • Connect people – stop strong feelings of isolation
  • A healthy way to cleanse yourself from negative emotion
  • Accept your situation and move forward
  • Take proactive steps to recovery
  • Recognise that mental health is a serious illness
  • Stop the shame associated with mental health
  • Be prompted to finally reach out to others and to seek professional assistance
  • Learn to trust others

By discussing these things with other people online, one can slowly recognise that they’re never truly alone in these circumstances. I found that chat rooms about mental health also get people talking and trusting of one another, which can have beneficial long lasting effects:

  • People feel like they have a purpose
  • Friendships can help eliminate negative feelings and loneliness
  • Overall health can improve
  • Organisation and personal life can improve
  • Lifestyle choices can change for the better
  • Attitude can totally shift for the better
  • Motivation to get things done improves
  • Priorities change – which is important if you have a family of your own
  • Romantic relationships finally feel like an option and possibility

There are so many pros to talking online about mental health, and if you’re feeling vulnerable and a little lost, this can be the beginning of a new journey to healing yourself.