Romance is in the air

Online dating is becoming increasingly popular over time – now more than ever with a number of online platforms at your disposal. You don’t even need to leave the house to make an impression on a romantic interest, as a snazzy looking profile picture will have you covered, basically conveying your whole personality in one photo.

However, online dating is tricky at the same time, with many people reporting that they’re often left feeling confused over what the other person is feeling – it’s like no one is straight forward anymore. Words are left in limbo and emotions are hung out to dry. I spent my Saturday night going over the pros and cons of online dating and why it has become the go-to option for many young people.

I came to the conclusion that people use the internet to chat to other like-minded people for more than just the convenience –

  • It’s easy – you feel more comfortable talking online, especially if you don’t do so well in social situations
  • Nerves aren’t as prominent
  • If you’re personally going through a tough time, online dating can be an escape from it all
  • You’re looking to broaden your horizons and meet people you wouldn’t usually consider
  • You’re having trouble finding that certain someone who fits your standards when you go out
  • You feel like you can be yourself online
  • Locations are limitless – you can connect to anyone from any part of the world at any time
  • The internet is a fun way to speak to people

These were the main things that came to mind while considering why we choose to chat to people online in the search for romance. Of course, there are so many dating sites now it’s hard to keep track. Tinder, eHarmony, Zoosk or even Facebook and Instagram are commonly used as a dating platform or as a first step into the dating scene. But, gatherX has been a popular choice for users, and personally I find it easier to talk to people in an informal tone, about random topics that connect like-minded individuals – only narrowing down the type of person you’re looking for.

What I like best about this is that –

  • You can talk about different topics that will spark actual conversation (something that seems to be missing these days)
  • Intellectual conversations can be had – not just the usual flirtation
  • Its free and easy to use
  • It feels natural, not so structured like a date site
  • You can filter through the topics of interest and meet people who like what you like
  • Meet others in your location, or across the globe – there are no limits

Although I haven’t really come across a specific group for online dating, there have been occasions when conversation with a stranger has flowed so well that it’s moved from gatherX to another form of communication. Likewise, it’s not awkward and obvious that you’re looking to meet someone, like Tinder or eHarmony, which can feel intimidating for a first time online dater.