Sharing your passion for fashion with other people.

These days it’s even easier to connect to other like-minded individuals who share the same passions as you do. If you’re the type of person who feels a little intimidated by talking to others face-to-face, connecting with others online might appeal to you.

I discovered gatherX not too long ago and joined a few fashion related groups. I’m a bit of a chatter box (and fashion enthusiast) so any chance to talk about clothes, beauty or anything related to it all gets me super excited. While scrolling through the array of topics suggested, like ‘Proof that tattoos look awesome when you’re old’, I realised that I could chat to people in my set location, as though I’ve known the other members for a lot longer than a few days.

As an artist myself, I feel challenged when it comes to finding friends who are passionate about what I like, even if it’s just for conversation. After stumbling through the vast selection of topics created by other members, I felt at ‘home’ – which is strange for me as I’m usually the one that feels more like an outsider. I tried MeetUp a while back, but felt as though it was a little too serious – I just wanted to chat to people about topics I enjoy, and quickly - without the fuss of being approved to be a part of a group.

When it came to sharing my passion for the arts and fashion on other online groups, I found myself restricted. Tinder offers a new way to meet other people – but more so in a dating context. But as a fashion lover, I’m able to talk to other people of both genders about things like beauty, clothes, tattoos, and more.

I chatted to a few girls about their favourite natural beauty products and learnt a lot more than if I tried Googling on my own. Sifting through pages of Google results annoys me and I start to get flustered – I don’t know where to look! And how will I know if the products are truly that good? After speaking to the group of other like-minded girls, I knew where to look, I knew the result that the products would give, and I was given an idea of how much it would cost – and I was able to chat to some pretty cool ladies at the same time.

We got talking about the price of products, which happened to lead to a bit of a political discussion. Although I didn’t expect to talk about this, it was a refreshing view that taught me something new and questioned why natural products cost so much when they should be a lot cheaper.

Over the weekend, I decided to join another group that focused on Beauty Hacks, with videos shared between members. We talked more about the positivity behind these videos and why they should be shared instead of those other random YouTube clips that take aim at people – especially on Facebook. So many times I’ve been tempted to just deactivate my Facebook because of the negativity that fills it. I’m definitely keen to join a few more groups, even ones that I didn’t think were of interest initially, cause as I keep talking to different people, my interests are only broadening!