Talking about the foods we love

I was just thinking the other day - what is the craziest thing I’ve ever eaten? I kept trying to think about all the foods I’ve ever ordered overtime, trying to figure out what the weirdest dish has been. I think frogs legs have to be one of them! I decided to join a group on gatherX that was aimed at all the crazy foods one has eaten.

I never thought that people were actually keen to try random foods, until now.

While reading the comments on the group chat, other people also felt a bit squeamish to a few suggested dishes (intestines – no thanks), although they had a keen interest in food at the same time, curious about cuisines and culture. I felt like I finally connected to others who shared this similar point of view. I remember speaking to one of my actual friends not too long ago about travel and food, and she said how much she hated trying new things. I couldn’t understand her way of thinking. You’re traveling to a new country, yet you’re not interested in trying something that is such a crucial part of their culture and way of life. In Europe food is life, and while travelling I tried a number of dishes, even snails in France.

After chatting to these new enthusiastic foodies, I grew even more fascinated with food – although snake is something I just couldn’t eat! However, crocodile is something that I believe I would try. After learning from the other participants that it tastes like a mix between salmon and chicken, I think it’s something I’ll be adding to my list of things to do.

I think that’s one of the best things about talking to people online – although I have a group of friends in Australia, not all of them share the exact same interests as me. It’s not like I can just create a group on Facebook about random foods – the foodie options are endless via these online groups and a great way to get creative. From discussing odd food concoctions, I then entered a group literally focused on Lettuce-wrapped tacos, which had members drooling at the thought and discussing all the health benefits (goodbye carbs).

I really like how this particular group is in some way used as a motivational force as well, especially because food is a major weakness for most people. If you’re on a health roll but are feeling a bit unenthused, these groups are great for support. I felt as though people lifted each other up, sharing recipes and ideas of what lettuce wraps can be used for and filled with, even school lunch ideas for kids.

Although joining these foodie groups makes me hungry in the end, nothing beats talking about the awesomeness of food, even if it is something weird and super interesting like snake meat!