Different Types of Surgery Games

As the Surgery Games trend is back again round the corner, now is the time to fulfill your childhood desires to be a Doctor or a surgeon. If you ever wanted to feel the intense situation of an emergency in your life then you can now have a glimpse of that on launched Surgery Games, on which you perform as a professional Doctor or a surgeon and takes the authoritative decisions for your patient's life and undergo a correct course of actions to execute.

These trending Surgery Games present many different forms of realistic procedures, as an example to this, an arm surgeon on these Surgery Games learns how to use a scalpel and tourniquet to repair a broken arm and other tasks include virtual knee surgery in which you perform a complete knee replacement. For Eye Surgery the perfect steady hands are required when removing cataracts from patients' eyes and the lot that feels a charm in plastic surgery learns how to execute the procedure of a nose surgery. So on Surgery Games there is always a way to have a stab at all types of surgery courses. The different types of Surgery Games include:

  • Plastic Surgery Games in which the Plastic Surgeon performing the surgery let you pick and choose noses, cheeks, buns, and boobs.
  • Soccer Doctor Surgery Games in which you perform ankle surgery of your favorite Soccer player that got injured during a game.
  • Favorite Character Surgery Games in which you perform any type of surgery on your favorite character specified like A Surgery game to turn Ariel; the mermaid to a human or A Surgery game to perform Brain Surgery of Anna from Frozen.
  • Arm Surgery Games in which the surgeon performing the surgery repairs an arm.
  • Knee Surgery Games in which the surgeon performing the surgery totally replaces a patients knee.
  • Tonsil Surgery Games in which the surgeon performing the surgery removes your tonsils.
  • Appendix Surgery Games which the surgeon performing the surgery removes your appendix.

Not only the above, but there are plenty more types of Surgery Games like Shoulder Surgery Game, Nose Surgery Game, Leg Surgery Game, Brain Surgery Game, Pericardium Surgery Game, Heart Surgery Game, Scoliosis Surgery Game, Epilepsy Surgery Game and many more. Even girls that desire to not let post operation marring keep them out of the fashion game are able to practice camoflauge techniques with Pedicure after Surgery. Even with such Surgery Games that are for kids, one can also cure a stuffed rabbit and a unicorn too with Stuffed Surgery Game.

If you want to try your hands on and have fun with surgery, let these Surgery Games keep you in stitches. To discuss more about Surgery Games, log on to gatherX and create a Discussion or go straight to its 'BUZZ' for more Surgery games related information and discussion.