What on Earth Surgery Games Are?

It's been almost 6 months that I have been a member of gatherX; world's most trending social networking website that links like-minded strangers across the globe and provides an opportunity to undergo all the hidden and intrigued discussions that one can have.

One day while surfing on the internet I came across a term called Surgery Games and I began to wonder that what on earth does this Surgery Games mean? Have I heard about this Surgery Games before or not. Well out of curiosity, I searched for this 'Surgery Games' on the 'Master of Search Engines' (I mean Google) and then the horizon of my mind became clear that these two words Surgery and Games for now on belong together in the new era of technology. After spending some time on exploring this Surgery Games term or you can say on making my curious mind up to date, I found out that Surgery Games is just another type of game; a game not like others but in which you get your hands on some surgical training.

Surgery, no doubt, is listed among one of those professions that takes guts, I literally mean it, and not just this but a whole lot of patience too because in such a profession you ought to have a hand in cutting. So, due to an advancement in technology as well as due to the upgraded level of weirdness of the world, such Surgery Games have been launched online on which the game screen portrays a lampoon and mimicked situation of a surgery that you have to perform by using your keyboard and mouse only. I know it is a benchmark of bizarreness and I do also realize that how weird does it sounds, but I'm sure that there is still a lot out there who considers it to be a milestone towards 'Education'. Well the pros and cons of these Surgery Games is a whole new debate and I don't want to indulge it that. But all I wanted was to share my findings on these strange Surgery Games on gatherX with you.

To know more about Surgery Games, follow-up gatherX's 'BUZZ'. I ensure that your mind will boggle to explore more about Surgery Games.