What makes your city so unique?

We all like to think that our hometown or city that we reside in is better than the rest. Having traveled to many other countries though, it’s easy to see all the great benefits in different places around the world. Living in Australia is great for a number of reasons, including the natural beauty that our landscape offers, the fresh food that we’re spoilt with, picturesque beaches and laid-back attitude. However, living so far away from the rest of the world makes it difficult to travel to other locations often – stepping outside of our comfort zone is a challenge, trying new things may seem frightening and leaving your hometown behind can feel overwhelming.

I like to talk to others who live in different countries about the pros of their states and cities. It opens my mind about what’s out there and gives me an idea of what’s on offer if I ever plan to travel to these locations. Having traveled extensively through Europe, I’ve been fortunate to meet new people who I’ve maintained friendships with on social media.

However, when it comes to meeting others in different countries from the comfort of your own home, it’s not as easy. I use Facebook to connect with my friends in the Netherlands, France, Greece and the UK, but I haven’t traveled to the US or other parts of the world, so Facebook doesn’t necessarily bring people together who you’ve never met - it can, but it would seem a little weird to spark conversation with a complete stranger.

I found that gatherX allows me to speak to people from places I’ve never visited, but have always dreamed of traveling to. With an extensive array of travel groups, I found one that discussed what people love most about their city. I enjoyed reading all the unique benefits of each city that instantly gave me that wanderlust feeling. Everyone exchanged ideas about their own city and got us envisaging what it’d be like to experience it all. It’s easy to google and list all the great things about particular places, but it’s very different when you’re able to directly talk to a person who lives it each day.

For example, living in simple old Adelaide may not seem appealing to another Australian, but to a foreigner, it may attract them because of the abundant wineries and fresh seafood. Each city is filled with its own character, but sometimes it’s hard to notice the beauty of it all when it’s so convenient. However, talking to a girl from Iceland who explained the best part about her city is the Northern Lights, I found myself explaining the pros of my little state that is so far away from the Nordic area of the world.

By conversing with other like-minded people in different countries, you can:

  • Promote your country, city and culture
  • Learn more about other languages, cultures, traditions and religions around the world
  • Learn to respect diversity
  • Broaden your interests
  • Educate yourself about different foods and celebrations that occur in different countries – For example Venice and Rio De Janeiro host a carnival each year, or La Tomatina in Spain.

As you can see, there is so much to learn when it comes to the benefits of different cities around the world. By discussing these pros with other people you can add onto the extensive list of things to see and do while traveling – possibly making long term friends from every corner of the globe at the same time.