My research is mostly field based, focusing on glacier dynamics in the Arctic and the structure of ice shelves in Antarctica. I obtained my PhD and subsequently worked as a postdoctoral research fellow
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I'm interested in Food, wine & cooking
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Man Drops 1/2 His Body Weight After Doctor Warning
He used to drink four litres of Coke every day, but has now completely transformed himself.
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Decluttering completely transformed my life
As well as reducing my anxiety levels and making everything easier to find, decluttering had some surprising side-effects.
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Fighting for her daughter's life
Shelina is fighting to keep her 5-year-old daughter alive. Tafida has been on life support since February and doctors say nothing can improve her condition.
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Mum Of 10 Boys Finally Gives Birth To A Baby Girl
Finally, it's a girl. Congratulations.
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Transgender Facial Surgery
"It's important for me to get facial feminization surgery because now my facial structure will match my internal expression of who I am."
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I Have 'Life Has No Purpose Syndrome'.
Looking at colleges together was so much fun; sadly it led to me becoming obsolete as a full-time mom
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Tess Holliday Is Breaking Image Stereotypes
Despite being constantly criticized and made fun of, Tess Holliday is breaking barriers...
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Barbers Get Black Men Talking About Mental Health
Stephan “Step the Barber” Swearingen and his staff of barbers do more than just operate clippers. The four-member team at Plush Midtown Barber and Beauty Salon in Atlanta banters with customers about sports while ESPN is on TV, politics as they check Twitter and Instagram on their phones, music that’s playing over the Bluetooth speakers, and the lunch menu from the food truck that dropped by.
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How To Find Love In Modern Dating
A dating advice question I get asked a lot by women is “How to get a man to fall in love?” “How to get a guy to like you on a date?” and “How to make him love you?” Today, I’m talking about How To Find Love In Modern Dating – 7 Ways To Love Finding Love! Giving dating advice to women on how to find a man for love and what men want in a woman is a huge part for me in my role as a dating and relationship coach for women. In this video, I share seven ways I help clients love the road to love! How to enjoy dating, what men love on a date and how to find love with the right man – the mindsets I share in this video will see all of these and more happening in your love life!