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What’s gatherX
gatherX is an online platform where experts and enthusiasts get to earn by hosting discussions on topics they love. We have big stars and world-renowned experts such as Katie Hopkins, Soulja Boy and Steven Pinker but we also are perfect for people with smaller followings, or even if you’re just getting started and looking to be discovered.
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Earn by Discussing Topics You Love
Users can easily donate to experts with the click of a button on gatherX. Chat and earn anytime, anywhere, simply by logging onto our app. Host quality discussions or even just share exclusive content and watch your income grow!
Stand Out and Build Authority in Your Field
Only approved experts can host discussions in each community, and only the best globally get featured on the leaderboard each month. You could be one of them!
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Our platform is designed for experts to chat at length (or briefly) on the topics that matter to them. Chat in big large public groups, smaller private ones, or even 1-on-1… and don’t forget to use all our polling features!