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5 powerful tools to protect energy and self-heal
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Do you feel you get affected by other people’s troubles easily?

Do you find yourself taking their weight upon your shoulder?

If you’re a highly empathetic person, just watching the news about the world’s suffering can take a toll on your psyche and physical health.

Unless you create a mind-body connection that dictates what enters your consciousness.

Deborah King, renowned spiritual leader has gathered the 5 most powerful tools she discovered to protect your energy and practice self-healing daily.

Read her story on our blog: http://go.mindvalley.com/caring-too-much
Can being too compassionate or caring too much really make you sick?
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I just don't watch or listen to the news.
Recently I read (actually listened to) The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz ... and it supports what's found in A Course in Miracles, The Secret, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Bible. (among hundreds of other books) The hardest part of life is taking responsibility and understanding that action is required.
I have spent a lifetime feeling the pain of others.
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Makes me sick... because I do all the caring and nothing in return.
Not anymore. Not looking for return. Its a Just because i choose to care. Sometimes some people are not / or are ready for the gift. Free will. Cannot control the types of receiver/ or received.
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So glad you are sharing content of this nature because there is a small percentage who struggle with this. Most are desensitized to these type of issues.
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It can...its taken me years to protect my self. I have my bubble.
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