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Your happiness is your responsibility - Not your partner's
Certified Life, Relationship, & Breakup Coach. I write columns, make advice videos, and help both singles and couples improve their relationship dynamics. I am a frequent relationship contributor on various talk shows. I always look to bring a compassionate sense of mindfulness, combined with a background in multi-cultural studies and international travel to my sessions. I embrace diversity of religion, orientation, ethnicity, race, and creed into my practice.
50 Things You Need To Do For A Relationship To Las
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“Happily ever after” is a beautiful phrase that we hear in fairy tales, but in real life, hard work is required to attain that goal. Numerous factors affect a couple’s relationship, but with the right support, both you and your significant other can achieve success in the long run.
What are your tips for a long-lasting relationship?
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Patience, understanding and love. Once you are PATIENT enough to UNDERSTAND each other, LOVE will become easy. Always give and take, then you’ll realize that’s all it takes to have a long lasting relationship.
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I think sincerity and respect should be on the list too. If u don’t respect the person next to you then half of the fight is already lost.
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Take responsibility of the fact YOU are responsible for the success or failure of the relationship. Whatever goes wrong is your fault. No blaming, no complaining, no finger pointing. Own up and go to work on yourself first. Don’t judge and see no wrong.
You will have challenges in every relationship. The challenges test your faith. The testing of your faith produces patience. When patience does its work on you (when you master patience), you literally become perfect. Everything becomes possible when you are patient.
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Communication is the life blood of every relationship. A soft and gentle and thoughtful answer turns away wrath, but harsh and painful and careless words stir up anger. (Proverbs 5.) Speak only words that build up and encourage.
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There is one that is crucial: maturity.Being mature, which means that one can understand oneself, their emotions, reactions, needs and abilities. The ability to communicate those needs. The ability to understand the other party, their needs and reactions. Understanding that people read and respond to the same situation in different ways. The ability to tell the difference between a fact and an opinion.
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Respect and loyalty should not be underestimated in any relationship
Romantic Compatibility. There is a huge difference. Remind yourself that two people can make love way before ever having sex. It's also a far more meaningful act. Don't put sex on a pedestal. And yet don't take this physical sentiment for granted. This is #1 on my list for a reason. You can hold someone's hand and feel the power they exude. You can die between her arms, it does not make you less a man. Romanticism is not sex. It's falling. It's dying. It's a vulnerable act.
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