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84-year old man learned to do make up for his wife
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When Mona's deteriorating sight meant she could no longer apply her own make-up, her loyal husband Des stepped in, and started taking lessons. It's a love story that captured the heart of top make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic.
Isn't this just the cutest thing ever? Does this make you believe that true love still exists?
A relationship and marriage is a full equal partnership. It's about giving. Unfortunately, so many people go into it thinking what's in it for me and what can I get out of it? This is how it should be and I'm sure she does or did plenty for him as well.
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God bless this beautiful couple. The only couple that i can compare their love to is my beautiful parents. My father would wash and dress my mother after her fingers became deformed. He combed her hair. My dad never complained, they were married for 52 years my dad died in my mothers arm. I don't know what happened to these good men and women. People changed everyone are so artificial.
This story touched my heart it is very seldom now a days to find a man that will truly stay with you in your worst time. True love does exist. They are both lucky to have each other that long.
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Reminds me of my husband. I was 8 months pregnant with our 2nd and last child. I couldn't walk far without bad pain in my hips. I definitely couldn't bend over. On top of it, he had missed some work so I couldn't afford to get a pedicure. He painted my toenails for me. It's one of the sweetest things he's ever done. He took his time, cleaned up the mistakes, and didn't complain one bit.
Age doesnt matter
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We take things for granted in everything we do. It's just automatic. When a lover or spouse goes above and beyond to make him or her feel special. It's one in a million she hit the lottery of a life time.
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Reminds me of my Dad and Mom they were so much in love with each other my Dad would do anything for my Mom loves of there lifes . sadly Mom passed away in her 60's in 1982 and Dad never remarried he passed away in March 2009.
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