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A Crash Course on Spirituality
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In this talk Vishen Lakhiani, author of “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” and founder of Mindvalley shares his model for understanding how human beings expand their levels of consciousness and brings into place ideas from the leading teachers at Mindvalley including Alan Watts, Neale Donald Walsch, Lisa Nichols and Michael Beckwith. This talk attempts to unify ideas from several great philosophers to create a map for understanding how to expand your consciousness and function in the world in a more spiritual and effective way.
Can you describe your spiritual awakening experience?
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This is a description of the egos illusion from A course in miracles. The things are concepts based on sympathy or antipathy for the experience you have through sense perception. Its a separate experience working through the egos will. Letting go of things connects you to the universal will
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One of the best explanations of true spirituality I’ve ever seen! I’ve watched this 4 times today! Just brilliant! Thank you so much.
Spiritual awakening is a process of becoming. It seems not unlike how a butterfly may struggle to tear loose from its cocoon. It has many phases, transitions, and struggles, and joys that come and go as unstoppable as the tide forever pushing you to where you need to go.
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Many people are feeling that they might be having a spiritual awakening and it may very well be true. First, I think it is best to use this term, awakening, instead of enlightenment. It is not so “big.” Keep in mind that the spiritual journey is one of “thought”, “feeling” and “consciousness” and how we identify ourselves with these
God Almighty created this world and its in a fallen state because of mans sin. Jesus Christ is the only way the truth and true life. You can choose what you want but anything not rooted in Jesus Christ is false.
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While I feel that meditation is a way to prepare the field of the mind and heart to receive and become more sensitive, many of my own shifts of awareness did not happen directly in meditation, but instead, while doing something very normal
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Awakenings come in many ways, so instead of talking about the more profound awakenings, I would prefer to talk about softer, subtler moments, one’s that may sometimes go unnoticed, or get wrongly interpreted. There are many “conditions” or stages that we progress through, many repeat again and again. The shift from one condition to another can be felt as an “awakening.”
When you become enlightened, or awakened, you will see the humans and the world as it is in the true form. The veil is lifted for a part, also you see so many things, normal people don’t see. You know when people lie, you know why people don’t evolve, and so many things. Still it is for me a path to enlightenment.
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