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Atheists have no reason to live
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Religious believers often claim that life is given meaning and a sense of fulfillment when they surrender themselves to God, and also that this life is more meaningful if there is an afterlife to look forward to. They argue that life is pointless without such beliefs, and ask why an atheist should bother at all if it is all just going to end anyway.
What is the purpose of life from an Atheist point of view?
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Atheism is not the opposite of religion. It is religion that offers specific dogmatic “purpose” to your life. You can be non-religious and still be a theist, and you could be an atheist but still be religious (buddhism, for example). Purpose is always subjective. Purpose only exists in the minds of those who see some way that something could be useful. Since different people may use the same thing in different ways, the same thing has different purpose to different people.
Religion has very little relevance to this. When you get to the bottom of it, each individual human must decide how they help move mankind forward or backward. They don’t need religion to tell them how, they need to decide by themselves
Most people’s answer to this question will tend to boil down to happiness, quality of life etc. and I think this is broadly a good answer. The pursuit of happiness in an atheist’s world logically leads on to typical materialist life goals: good health, friends, a nice house, a happy family, financial freedom etc.
I personally am a religious person and have found a point in life that is not religious. I do not think religion lends to a person’s purpose- as you are implying it does.

Life is about living. Your life is shorter than you think. One day you’re in kindergarten and the next you’re on you death bed. Enjoy life while you have it with those you love. Make life for yourself and those around as pleasant as you can. Which I believe possible applies to Atheists as well
The same as for a Christians and for most religions with a diety. For enjoyment. The only difference is who’s enjoyment. We exist for the glory of God if you believe in God.
Since losing my belief in God's however, I have found much more purpose to life, not less. Everything is so much more interesting to me, instead of just saying “because God” I look into thing try to figure how things work. I'm reading more, I'm working on improving myself as best I can. Everyday is special as I believe I'm only given one life, no afterlife , reincarnation etc. I'm excited to see what will happen in the future! That's my meaning to life, progress, for you, me for humanity as a whole.
Even if I am not an atheist, praying God wouldn't be the purpose of my life. Since the question is the other way around, let me answer it straight, my purpose is to keep myself happy and peace by attaining a stage in my life where external factors wouldn't influence my attitude and behaviour
There is no single unified “atheist point of view” that can serve as an answer here. Atheists don't have a book or a leader that we all follow so there's no code directing us to follow a particular purpose, so perspectives vary wildly.
Some atheists view life in purely evolutionary terms, i.e. feeling that our purpose is defined by biological urges to mate, eat, reproduce, advance the species. Others have a more philosophical view and think we are here to advance human knowledge and prosperity, whilst some might feel that life is about more esoteric things like love, friendship or family. Some are nihilists who believe that life is ultimately meaningless and there is no essential purpose to life or existence in general.
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Atheist or not, Personally, I don’t think life has an inherent purpose or meaning. It is all interpretation. The things I value, love, believe, struggle with, are made real by my inner self and outer journey
Assuming Atheists live such earth shattering different lives I believe most Atheists do not concern themselves so much with possibilities as much as probabilities, just living their lives a best they can without worry if there is an unknown purpose. If their purpose is unknown then of what useful purpose is it to worry about it, none at all.
I think the purpose of life is the same for all of us, regardless of religion, culture, nationality or political ideology.
Atheism isn't a philosophy itself, it's merely a lack of religious belief. Many schools of philosophy have different perspectives on purpose and the meaning of life.