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Celebrating African Industrial Day

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Africa Industrialization Day was established in 1990 and is the day when a large number of African governments and organisations gather to examine various different ways to stimulate the industrialisation process in Africa. This special day attracts a large amount of attention from around the world and special seminars, meetings and other types of events are held throughout Africa.
Africa’s industrialization provides a great opportunity to improve the living conditions of Africans, Observed each year on November 20, Africa Industrialization Day aims to raise awareness on the challenges faced by the continent with regard to industrialization. The event also aims to mobilize African leaders and international organizations to advocate for the accelerated and sustainable industrialization of Africa.
Job creation and entrepreneurship development represents a means to reduce poverty by empowering vulnerable communities and reinforce efforts towards a sustainable economic growth in Africa. The #AID serves as an important occasion to reflect on the progress made and discuss the necessary efforts to achieve an inclusive and sustainable industrial development.
Although it can be seen that industrialization in Africa is gradually increasing significantly behind many other parts of the world, On this day, an effort is made to bring together the leaders of as many African countries as possible so that they are able to strive for common goals that benefit industrialization in Africa as a whole #SustainableDevelopments #IndustrialDevelopment #AfricaProsperity #SDG9
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