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Helping people is my passion, along with holding public decision makers and people in power accountable.
I have been covering news in Ontario for more than a decade. Prior to becoming a full-time investigator, I started out as a county reporter, then covered the education beat for 10 years and spent about five years anchoring weekend morning and evening newscasts. I earned a nomination for uncovering corruption in the Police Department which ultimately ended with the police chief being stripped of his law enforcement license. Problems I highlighted during a flooding in a city prompted the city to put new barricade measures in place at low water crossings after a woman lost her life. My passion for storytelling took off during college internships at station in our small town. In my free time, I enjoy being outside with my dog hunting for cool cowboy boots and taking on DIY projects.
China opened the longest sea-crossing bridge
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China just opened the world's longest sea-crossing bridge, a 34-mile, $20-billion-project that's been in the works for almost nine years
What are your views on the matter?
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I don't trust anything made by Chinese
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I don't know about anyone else, but I would still take the Hydrofoil to Macau, haha... seriously. no driving on that bridge. the water taxi was great... relaxing, clean, pleasant little ride.
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Trump's building the wall while China's building the bridge
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African government uses more than $20 billion to construct 3 kilometer road talkless of bridge. Africa is suffering because of some greedy few. God bless China for this type of innovation but please China stop making Africa your dumping place and stop inflating Africa with your so-called loans which may put us in great bondage. Our leaders have nothing to show for the borrowed loans and we are hurting by it.
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We should use taxpayer money to reconstruct the road and build new bridge instead of wasting for nonsense thing come on.
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Such amazing job happened a century ago. Jeme Tien-Yo managed to build a railway line in the mountainous area near Peking while lots of European engineers was only saying it was impossible and laughing at this amazing engineer during the construction. A century later stupidity and unreasonable bias still exist in the mind of some westerners. What a pity!
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Apparently the guy who should have inspected the concrete for quality said he was too lazy to do so . Who knows how fast it will fall.