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Cricket is more popular or football?
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Most people would believe that football is far more superior game than cricket. It might beat cricket when it comes to the size of the ball, but in other areas.. think again! ... Football provides just one time slot (i.e half time) for advertisers, while in cricket there are atleast 40 time slots (in T20 format).
Really,cricket is better than football?? May be in parallel universe but atleast not here.
I would put my points here about football being better than cricket :)
world wide spectators
Football’s being watched by almost every part of the world. Unlike cricket where most of the fans are from asia.
Football fans are the most crazy fans in the world. They wait eagerly for weekends just to see their favorite team play. Asian fans are on just another level they wake “whole night” to see their favorite player doing magic with the ball.
Its actually the other way around for me because cricket is more predictable if you compare with football. For example India is playing England and they set a score around 300. Now England comes to bat and looses 4 wickets in the first 10 overs. In such situations even a school kid can predict that India will win unless the match is stopped due to rain. The game time is also very long unless they're playing T20.
But football on the other hand is completely different.Game would not be stopped even if it rains or snows. All the 22 payers should be present on the field unlike cricket where only 13 players play on the pitch. One mistake on either sides can give you death threats at times and if a team takes Lead there is a chance for other team to score until the end of last second which is very unpredictable. Football is full of surprises unlike cricket.
Another thing is if Australia is playing an ODI with Ireland it's obvious that Aussie's will win because they are a better team. In football even if you have the best players on your side you can't be completely sure that your team will win . For example Spain played Russia in the round of 16 . They had like 2 decent players but on the other hand they were about 8 star player's for Spain and yet they didn't pull off a victory. See that's the beauty of football which gives you an adrenaline rush every time you watch a game.
The variables involved in cricket is way more than football. Sunny, Cloudy.. ? That’ll affect the Swing. Pitch is Dry, wet, Moist, Cracked….? That will affect the Spin. Does the outfield have dew? It will affect the grip. This is just about the natural variables. Then you have Equipment variables like condition of the Ball, Size of the bat, weight of the bat.
However, there is nothing like this in football. You can play it in all weather with the same ball . It causes negligible impact on the game. However, entire strategies can be deployed based on variables in Cricket . In fact, even the ground sizes are not standardized thereby bringing in even more variables.
Cricket involves lot more skills (or the necessity to acquire them) if you need to be relevant. You have Pace Bowlers who have over half a dozen variation. Then you have Off-Break and Leg-Break bowlers, who each have over half a dozen variations.
Then you have innumerable cricketing Shots. You have newer shots being invented . So say an All-Rounder who bowls Leg break, requires high amount of Skill. He should know when to play what cricketing shot. He should know if he has to smack the ball or just caress it. He should read the bowler. When bowling he should know when to use what bowling variation and the line and length for such a delivery. The field placement, ball condition….. You get it right? You can’t be an idiot and basically fool around
A game of cricket can be played in 3 formats and each format is so different from the other and require different skill sets. They are so different that you have specialists for each format.
Football is an intense game, played for a short burst of 90 minutes. However, Cricket is a Slow gradual game which requires you to increase/ decrease the intensity when required.
Cricket is probably the best game for a nerd. One can analyse each and every aspects of the game. There are separate agencies which crunch the data to give best strategies. No, I’m not talking about Runs, wickets, Averages, Economy Rate, Strike rate, but I’m taking about where which player is weak. What kind of shots will the player play or where will he bowl. Does he have raw power (like Gayle) or gentle pushes (like Kohli) . Field Placements play a gigantic role.
Each boundary, Six, wicket, Sledge , drop catch, missed run outs, bowling fantastic delivery…. is entertaining. Football is not as entertaining like cricket because you could simply have a dead game which ends with a draw and each team not giving much for the opponent.
And I have just touched the tip of the ice berg. Most of the points have already been covered. There are only two reason why Football is famous . (1) It is played only for 90 Minutes (+ other hour for analysis) . Cricket is way longer than that (Even T20 takes nothing less than 4.5 hrs ) (2) Cricket is too Complex for any new comer. He will simply be blown away by the amount of terminologies, rules, Skills and analysis involved in the game.
Picture this, assume you are new to math, would you like Differential Calculus or Simple Arithmetic ? Differential Calculus will be simply too difficult for anyone to understand it. But once you know it, you will start appreciating it.