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Cuddle therapy to cure loneliness
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The simple answer to loneliness is surrounding yourself with other people, but that’s not always an option—or something you want. Loneliness can creep up in anyone at seemingly random times, but it’s usually rooted in the past.
What are some of the ways one can fight chronic loneliness and be more social?
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To overcome loneliness, learn to meditate, lift your vibes, and learn interesting things to say to people. Become more extroverted and make contact with the world. In short, make things happen.
I believe that loneliness is a state of mind and not a condition in life. Improve your attitude, and you will improve your life. Psychologically, loneliness has nothing to do with being alone. Recognize that there is a difference between loneliness and aloneness. Some people would be far happier alone than putting up with an unhappy relationship to avoid feeling lonely. In the long run, this is dangerous and unwise.
Some people are born more introverted, and others are born more extroverted. The introverted personality waits for the world to come to them, which it rarely does.
Loneliness isn't an entirely bad thing. Being alone will give you enough freedom in order to learn from your mistakes, in order to think about what you did in the past and see what didn't worked so well. Also, being alone is an opportunity to meet new people and create new relationships.
You want to stop feeling lonely? Try to talk with someone. You feel bored all the time? Try to do something, if it doesn't work, do something you never did before and see how it goes. It's YOUR responsibility to stop feeling bad, no one will ever try to make you feel better just because they want to, and even if they do, those people are pretty hard to find.
I don’t feel lonely everyday but recently I feel lonely. All my best friends are too busy to talk to me on the phone or FaceTime. Our schedules are all diff. My husband has a full time job and a side gig he’s always working on. We have no children. I’m in my mid thirties and am missing my 20’s. I just want to talk to someone. Connect. There’s nothing wrong with this kind of loneliness but I know I need to actively join a community.
Stop expecting others to contact you. Do the contacting. Give. And just keep on meeting new people. Be genuinely and authentically interested in them, and invest in those friendships
Oh I’ve contacted all them. And I am genuinely and authentically invested in them. These are my close friends. Lol. I’m not looking for advice. But thanks. I’m more so looking to understand and reflect why I’m in this funk of a feeling.
When we’re we talking about vampires?
I had this same problem every time I relocated. There are two ways to overcome this. before stating that, The First and very basic step is put a pin to the social networking. get away from online acquaintance and friends.
Loneliness can also mean you are not content with your life. Like something is missing? It might be something subconcious (or not).
Find out what it is!
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Loneliness can also mean you are not content with your life. Like something is missing? It might be something subconcious (or not).
Find out what it is!
Loneliness can also mean you are not content with your life