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Difference between truth, knowledge, and fact?

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If Truth means a statement the content of which corresponds to reality, and if Universal means always and everywhere then a Universal Truth is a statement which corresponds to reality regardless of time and space. An example might be ten is greater than five - not exactly profound, but always true.

A fact is a thing that is known to be consistent with objective reality and can be proven to be true with evidence. For example,"this sentence contains words" is a linguistic fact, and"the sun is a star" is a cosmological fact

Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning. Knowledge can refer to a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.
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Global Warming is silently, drastically changing the way we live.
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We can slightly prolong our lives using advanced, modern technology, and also affect the manner of our death.
We can bring about a lot of changes that may or may not counteract the effects of global warming, possibly by altering our lifestyles and such.
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We are still going to die, no matter what, by natural or unnatural causes.
It seems like global warming isn't going away anytime soon. To suppress it would require most of us to completely change the way we live, and our species aren't very well known for our amazing cooperation.
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Knowledge is a collective body of information.

Truth is a measure of correctness of information to comport with reality.

A fact is an unchallenged statement of condition within a particular framework at the time of its consideration.

A fact may always be falsified at any time with the discovery of additional truth. With increases in sensor abilities and advances in mathematics, many things which were thought to be facts (e.g. Newtonian Mechanics) have given way to new interpretations and understandings (Quantum Mechanics).
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Facts are objective - I know for a fact that the earth is round, that gravity prevents me from floating away, that evolution led to primates becoming humans over millions and billions of years.

Truth is a fact from a perspective - One truth is that the sun will rise around 8am where I live - but if you live in a different time zone, the sun may be setting for you. Both things are true, but perspective can make truths contradict.

Knowledge is what I believe to be true, based on a combination of experiences, research, and opinion. I know that Donald Trump conspired with Russians to fix the 2016 election. You might “know” differently. Knowledge is subjective - based on your personal experiences, your knowledge could change substantially.

Problems arise when we mistake truth or knowledge for facts. Tread carefully!
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Truth - A universally verified fact, conforming to realities of life (for example, everybody dies).

Fact - A piece of information that can be proven to be true. A fact can be true only under certain or specific conditions (for example, facts about General Relativity) or under normal conditions (for example, facts about Newtonian Physics).

Knowledge - Something you acquire through perception, reasoning, and/or learning. Knowledge can be accurate (for example, everyday mathematics) or inaccurate (e.g., A book about the history of the world written 30 years ago).
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Fact: What seems to all human beings with a normally functioning brain to be out there.

Ex. The Moon is up there.

Knowledge: An individual’s awareness of such a fact and related details.

Ex. Our awareness that the moon is there, and other facts related to it: its waxing an waning, its periodicities, its distance from the earth, etc.

Truth: A person’s view of a fact which the person imagines to be the essence, correct interpretation, and meaning of the fact in question.

Ex. Out thought that the Moon is beautiful, that it affects our brains, that it is there to cause tides, that it is made of a gruyere cheese, etc.

Mistaking Truths (One’s interpretation for Facts) has been the cause of many debates, controversies, mutual misunderstandings, and fights.

We are all subjected to countless Facts whose Knowledge is very helpful.

We have knowledge of many facts which can be put to use.

We entertain countless Truths which serve to construct the framework of our worldviews and values.
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