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Always love your family, no matter what. Never let a disagreement tear you apart - Love them always
I’m a self-taught hardware and software technician and proud stay at home Dad. I take care of my two little blessings while their mother pursues her dream job – working her way up the corporate ladder. Despite being the only stay at home Dad I know, I’ve never had any negative encounters, everyone has always been supportive. I think people find it refreshing, seeing something different that challenges the norm. One thing I struggle with is getting lost in the work I'm doing and then realise I have to fetch the kids from school. I'm the kind of guy who will just keep going with a project, I like to get things done, and having to stop and pack up until another time can be very frustrating. I’ve had to come to terms with it though, my kids come first.
Do you believe co-parenting works?
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