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Food is a huge passion of mine. The only thing I enjoy more than eating food is making it
Growing up around food and in a kitchen is where my passion for cooking started. My mother was a cooking, sugar craft and confectionary teacher at a local college, which is where I was exposed to food and cooking in a professional way. I practically used to live at the college, particularly on days where the students had their practicals, and watched demos or played with the kitchen utensils in the classrooms while my mom taught. When it comes to food, I believe that flavor comes first! Food needs to be immediately delicious and inviting, not overthought, overworked or overcomplicated. Flavor is paramount and key in making great food and also running a great kitchen. Making it look pretty is where we get to have a bit of fun as cooks, and yes, we eat with our eyes first, but ultimately flavor is what makes the guests come back. .
Do you ‘go-Dutch’ when you’re on a date?
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