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End violence against women & girls

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Rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking and harassment, FGM (female genital mutilation), forced marriage and abuse of women and girls in online spaces affecting between a quarter and a third of all women during their lifetime.
Violence against women and girls is intimately related to women’s persistent inequality. So if we want to prevent violence we must improve women’s economic and social equality. Equal pay, fair housing and welfare policies, and better employment, education and training for women and girls. And we need to address inequalities related to race, disability, sexuality, gender identity and age if all women are to be equal and face less risk of abuse.
All these forms of abuse are committed disproportionately against women and girls, and the perpetrators are usually men. Violence against women and girls occurs in every society around the world. Women’s further inequality as a result of wealth and social class, sexuality or gender identity, ethnicity, disability, mental health, and age, makes them more likely to experience violence and less likely to access justice and support.
Violence against women & girls is part of what is stopping women from achieving equality.The widespread experience of violence limits women’s freedom & choices.We must all envision a world where gender- based violence is unaccep.table,where perpetrators are held accountable, & victims receive the compassion,support & justice they deserve. #EndWomenViolence #GenderEquity
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