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France to ban stores from throwing unsold clothes
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France has decided to take action against textile waste and has recently begun building a plan to ban the disposal of unused fabrics and apparel altogether.

The initiative comes as France integrates itself into the ‘circular economy,’ which is a method of instituting a more sustainable and eco-friendly economic structure. Specifically, the circular economy endeavors to remove waste from the current linear system (which goes from natural resource extraction to the landfill) and instead advocates using recycled and biodegradable materials.
Do you personally feel that it is wrong to throw old clothes away, as opposed to donating or selling them?
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Yes - especially if the clothes still have some life in them and they are not absolute rags
Before even entertaining thoughts of throwing the old clothes in the garbage, think seriously of using it in some way at home. Couple of suggestions:
May be you can use it for a little longer wear, thereby saving money and stretching its use.
You can retain a few things like buttons and zippers for reuse.
You may be able to cut parts of it and stitch it for making a tea table cloth, decoration pieces/toys, chair seat or cushion covers, sometimes even curtains for small windows.
If you cannot find any such use and think it is not worth it, the least you can do is to use the old cloth for dusting and wiping purposes.
Unless the clothes are totally unusable and badly worn out, it is definitely wrong. So many people either in this country or in other countries are sadly in need of clothing.
Creativity has no bounds. Think! If none is appealing, you may easily donate the clothes to Goodwill, or any such charity. There are thousands who might need them.
If it is usable it should be given away, and if it is totally unusable parts should be salvaged like the zippers and buttons and the cloth itself can be either use around the house or sent to recycling places which find other uses for them.
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I am sure unsold clothes should be appropriate and usable clothes, its not that hard to give them away instead of throw them away.....i dont get why this become such an issue....human these days....
"Clothes can be recycled. Use the clothes as wipes. Send your old clothes to Goodwill or similar charities. The clothes will be sorted and be sold as second hand clothing, or it may be packaged and sent overseas, either way, the clothing will have a second life.

If the clothing is really torn, it can be recycled as pulp material for expensive papers"
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One excellent use for old jeans is to cut pieces into squares and make a quilt. The quilts are not only attractive but are warm. I have also seen purses made from the upper part of the genius by just sewing across the bottom and adding a handle. Much creativity and very little waste.
There is an old expression, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Clothing that you feel has gone out of style or no longer fits you can provide a world of blessings to those who may be in need.
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There is an old expression, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Clothing that you feel has gone out of style or no longer fits you can provide a world of blessings to those who may be in need.
Agreed, Homeless shelters, Goodwill, Salvation Army, some Habitat for Humanities, many churches and community centers would love to have your clothes. If you have large amount they will often come to your home to pick them with just a phone call.