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Gen Y won’t work for free
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Can't live with no wage. Sorry. Plus millenials are not teenagers. We have rent/mortgages to pay and we need to eat.
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Because experience and exposure doesn’t pay your rent crying face crying face
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I left school in 1980 to start an apprenticeship. It was only $101 a week then but increased each year until I became a tradesman. How many apprentices do you think would be willing to work using her work for free ideology?
Let’s get this sorted right now . 1. Nobody works for free . People have bills and expenses to pay for- end of argument. If someone would do such a thing “for free “then that would be slavery. Secondly Social media would of of played a part and made her business so don’t blame social media
Although I do understand where she’s coming from..
But she needs to also understand that we are in a day and age where time is money. You need money to live.
Unless there’s a 99% chance of employment after work experience/internships they won’t do it. And that’s totally understandable.
I'm gen Y, I'm also 30 and have 14 years of paid work experience. Why the eff would I want to work for free, at muffin break? Do I get to meet the muffin man?
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Maybe they are obsessed with social media because all their applications for paying jobs have been sent online and they are keeping up to date with all the online demands of prospective employers.
These young people are underpaid and taken advantage of. Speaking from my own experience and my daughters' too when they did part-time work after school. They were tossed aside when they reached an age when their pay rate rose. Hard work and loyalty means nothing. Sick of the Gen Y bashing.....stop judging a whole generation by a few. So many older people have short/selective memories.
This is why it's called work experience!
But, now a days, work experience kids are being taken full advantage of.
A few hours to allow both employers or employee to figure out if the suitability is there, no drama.
But there's so many employers who just abuse this privilege!
Even 15 year olds have work related expenses. Bus fare to job, appropriate clothing if uniform is not supplied and a mobile phone so your employer can call you for casual shifts. Australia has labour laws, a fair days pay for a fair days work. Volunteering is for community Organisations not business.
Why should any one work for free regardless of age, gender etc?