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A little text can have a big impact. It can change a parent's engagement from reactive to proactive
I hold a BA in Child Development, with a minor in Psychology, and honed my teaching skills as a Preschool Teacher for nearly 10 years. In that time, I also was accepted into the Mentor Teacher State Program and trained early childhood education student teachers from the local community college. Then I took the leap into the biggest journey of all โ€“ Parenthood. My two children hone my parenting skills daily and it is because of them that I am able to relate so intimately with the parents I work with. You tell me your story and I will most likely say, "I've been there." In 2003, I became a Parent Educator working at a family resource center. I began facilitation toddler/preschooler playgroups and teaching part-time at a parent education preschool. I found I had a lot to say to the sleep-deprived, anxious, first-time parents who were full of questions. I was pulled to do more of this work. I became a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and now teach parenting classes and workshops.
How important is naming your kids to you?
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