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I grew up in a dysfunctional family surrounded by addicts and for many years, I was in denial of that. But as an adult, I came to the realization that ninety percent of my relationships were with addicts, which forced me to the depth of my soul to let go of layers of pain, and ultimately empower myself. I have dedicated my life to helping others transform from within by developing nourishing behaviors and patterns
How To Be Pursued By Men
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I agree with Bern, women should let the men initiate. Honestly, I will not be attracted to a woman who will do the first move. It's a turn off for me. So for women out there who want to be pursued by men watch this video.
What do you think? Is this helpful?
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Wish all my friends could watch this video.... it is the exact thing I tell them all the time and I am glad that you agree to it as a man.
This is such a great topic to discuss because think about it; us women ask you so many question about what is going wrong in our relationship or our dates and what we should do about it as it’s already progressing after weeks (maybe months). It’s too late by then. By setting this tone from the very beginning, determining the masculine and feminine energy, and controlling your bad habits, it’ll set the rest of the relationship in line as it runs its course. And you never have to question yourself on what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Just follow you feminine energy.
I have run into A LOT of role confusion in todays online-dating. A good percent of my potential Men seem to WANT to take action/pursue but hold back for fear of looking pushy/needy/creepy/demanding. They are confused about their role of taking the lead and don't seem to know how. I think that last step of setting a boundary of expectations is key.
This work like a charm... thank you.
If this is really true then this universe needs to change. The truth is men and women both have masculine and feminine energies and it's all about your vibration that attracts to your potential partner and the choice you make to be with them or not. Choose wisely.
I love this. So simple to understand.
Your content is great. As a feminine woman I always leave your channel feeling inspired and really great about myself. THANK YOU!
I think this just became my most absolute favorite video. I love this topic. Thank you so much for your knowledge.
Nice!"He knows what to do to win". Hmm. Well said.
Great video. Thank you for your wonderful work.♥️
Totally agree with you. Thank ya.winking face with tongue