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How to Spot an Energy Vampire
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Whatever form they take, energy vampires have one thing in common: They cannot create or sustain their own life force in any positive manner. So they latch on and feed off on others, slowly sucking the life out of them.
Do you have somebody who's an energy vampire in your life? What are the common characteristics of energy vampires?
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"Wow! You gave me the phrase I’ve been looking for! Affectionately detached. Definitely have someone that taught me the hard way. I also feel
Energy vampires can disguise themselves as over friendly and caring (As an energy giver) but when you dig beneath the surface they would throw you under the bus at the drop of a dime. I feel like those types are the worst because you believe they are something they are not. Feelings of betrayal are intense."
It's generally not the depressed or downtrodden that actively suck energy, I see this way more in narcissistic overbearing types.
I've met some people who often complain about how some other people are"energy vampires" and drain energy from them, but they may not realize that when they keep complaining, they also become negative and energy draining carriers in the process
Yeah! I met many and they are really sucking my blood like Vampire .I don't know how these people can talk so rubbish without hesitation , can irritate anyone around them. How these people can't realize their unnecessary attention seeking attitude not only make them nothing but a 'joke'?And to console them others are also becoming negative like them.
My exes were energy vampires & it's why I had to leave them. There's no reasoning with them, they'll just keep doing it because they are disrespectful. It's not worth the energy or heartache. I just regret giving them more chances than they deserved.
I don't think that some people are"inherently a vampire", but more of them being"incompatible" with you. They may like different things, believe differently and view the world differently from you and these conflicts are what drains your energy.
Our emotion and energy is created and controlled by ourselves. We can choose to be a beacon of hope and source of energy for others without sacrificing our own energy or well-being
I had a friend who every time we would talk I would feel so tired and drained. I wanted to remove her from my life so bad but felt guilty bc she was a childhood friend and I THOUGHT she really was a genuine person. If you’re getting red flags about a person or just have a gut feeling they don’t need to be in your life RUN.
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10 more people followed this discussion
If we all learned to live from love , act from love , speak from love , think from love , be always conceded to the Divine energy of love & light , then even so called"energy vampires" going to be or healed by the energy which would come though us from above , or going to just leave us alone because the energy of light going to be to bright from them
Surely an uplifting personality and an energy sucking vampire are just the same people on different days...
I often worry about the type of energy I give others. Im very open to feeling the energy of others that it often makes me self conscious of my energy. There is a lot of sadness trapped within me from my past, which I feel when I'm around others. So I'm not sure if it's mine or theirs or both. It just makes me avoid human contact all together. When I am home though I'm happy relaxed and at ease.
It’s not only talking to “not so uplifting “people one get negativity but just by looking at them one will exhaust half of his her energy n get all negative feelings ...better to avoid such vampires in life and if they try to get into ur life again , better to tell them to stay away for your own peace.