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How You Dress at Work Is Important Than You Think
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Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!
Dress for your day. Are you meeting a client? Match their dress code. Are you doing your job on an average day? Then all I care about is that you're doing it well. You could be in pajamas. Formal work attire is a relic that is long overdue to be forgotten.
Dress for ur day.are u meeting a client
Formal work attire is a relic that is long overdue to be forgetten
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Formal work attire is a relic that is long overdue to be forgetten
Sound advice for those who want to be part of faceless, big corporate America. Put on the appropriate uniform!
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I wear my birthday suit. That’s works quite well. Haha!
This is office politics... if you are a nurse, it doesn’t matter how you dress as long as you are clean.
My ability to teach is not dependent on my exposed tattoos or what I wear. If I wanted to wear an uncomfortable suit I would have worked for Pepsi.
As an entrepreneur of several business some require face to face with B2B or B2C however I dress up in suits everyday even if it’s just myself. Dress however you feel!
Not true for the tech industry ...no one cares about how you dress...show them what you can do. One of the reasons why I love the tech industry so much. Shallow insecure world of 80s and 90s are done with.
I dress like my EVP. Or set your sights lower. It’s up to you.
In the freelance world, this silly peacocking ritual doesn't exist.