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Islamophobia: the Irrational Fear of Muslims
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Should we really have to fear Muslims or Islam?
Is Islamophobia real in the first place?
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Next : Modrenphobia : The irrational fear of the Future.
Next, Nazi phobia. Then White Supremacy Phobia.
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It is not irrational to be fearful of or hate a set of ideas, principles and beliefs that constitute a religion.
Perhaps Muslims should be the first ones to Protest against Islamic terrorism, fight hard to end all the brutal inhumane happenings in the Middle East.
Look Muslims 99% of the time are not terrorist and Muslims can be affected by them.
For someone to be irrationally afraid of Islam, you would at least have to be unaware of its contents or teachings. Also, even if it were true that some actually suffered from Islamophobia, would it be the similar to claustrophobia (irrational or extreme fear of small confined spaces) or xenophobia (a fear or distrust of what is perceived to be foreign or strange) ?
No one hates religion... It's the killing and terrorism caused under the pretext of religion. Instead of speaking to the world you may want to speak to the terrorist groups and stop the killing. That will eliminate Islamophobia.
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Islamophobia is not irrational. If you feel you were treated badly then you mist look at what you stood for. Muslims defense of Islam is irrational. Take your claim that beating your wife means 'with a toothbrush', Muhammed the raider of caravans and taker of slaves, the torturer and murderer is telling you to beat your wife with a toothbrush, that is nonsense and no one believes it.
Islamaphobia is just a word made up by Islamanazis.