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Japan wants its businessmen to be better dads
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It's truly amazing how Japan is handling things when it comes to its citizens. A man will never be called a father by only providing a food on the table. He must spend time with his children too just like mothers always do. Giving Japanese fathers a 52 weeks of paternity leave will give a positive result for the fathers to create good relationship with their children.
Can you share your thoughts about this?
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No one takes parental leave which is usually unpaid while even PTO has not been used 100%. What we need is not only just spending more time with kids but also getting more efficient and less workaholic.
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Lol what a propaganda piece (typical WEF). Japan is ages away from what is depicted here.
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Lol what a propaganda piece (typical WEF). Japan is ages away from what is depicted here.
Their gender inequality is more critical than their low birth rates!
Maybe they too are helping the earth in this way by leaving having children till later and maybe the kids will turn out better for it as their parents have had the experience of life before they have kids.
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Impossible with the ridiculous working hours and after work drinking.
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By god's gift we have no problem--means great INDIA. We have family system that creates attachment, bond, relationship. So we are happy fathers and are good friends to our kids.
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Happiness is not linked to money. I know Pakistan may be be worst when it comes to income but the kind of relationships, gatherings and customs that we have is unparalleled.
They sure needed as the fathers after work normally they go to the bars and then they go home practically drunk.