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Journaling As A Tool To Become A Millionaire
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Thoughts become reality. I personally believe that journaling can really help us in manifesting what we want in this life. I keep records of the good things that's happening in my life as well as the things that I want to have or acquire and that helps me manifesting more.
Do you keep a journal and why?
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LOVE THIS!!! I journal, but it's more like a gratitude journal. I am going to do this. Thank you!
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"That was a really amazing chat, thank you!

I have to say my eyes rolled a bit when he mentioned The Secret until he said it's all good and well having the vision but you still need to do something.

Awesome! clapping hands clapping hands clapping hands
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Thank you Vishen & Patrick! Great training! You rock!
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Surround yourself with the right tribe.
I have put attending Mindvalley this year on my vision board.
So powerful and amazing. I really like it, whoever is working on his dream, I wish you will achieve it and live it fulfill.
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Meditation and keeping a before bedtime gratitude journal. <3 But now this one is a must try! Thank you both. smiling face with smiling eyes
I’m so inspired by you both!! Thanks gentlemen...much love!
I liked your guidance but please your English so difficult sometimes couldn’t understand please use simple words to explain.