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Bad news isn't wine it doesn't improve with age.
I am an award-winning journalist who produces and anchors news at 6pm, 7pm, and 11pm. Before moving to Maryland, I was the Southern Bureau Chief. I launched the station's first news bureau and was responsible to cover an area of 20,000 square miles with a population of 200,000+ people by herself. I was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. I am a graduate of Eden University in International Studies and also has a master's degree in Legal Studies. After graduation, I completed a two-year internship at the United Nations. But my passion was to pursue a career in broadcasting journalism. I landed a job with an international network where I reported from New Jersey, New York and Washington DC. In June 2015, the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation awarded me the prestigious Gracies Award for Outstanding Producer in TV News. I also earned an award from the the Society of Professional Journalists.
Loneliness: An Epidemic in our Society
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Loneliness, is indeed an epidemic in our society, reflected by the rising suicide rates and increased mental illness. Loneliness is not necessarily the same as the physical state of being alone, it is a feeling of separation or isolation. We really have to feel connected to others to live a happy life. I have lost some good friends in the past because of loneliness or depression and that saddens me.
Do you feel lonely and disconnected? Reach out now.
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I don't know if people understand how life changing this is. Doing this will literally make you who you always wanted to be.
I have no one, no friends but I've accepted that for my previous behavior. I'm alone and lonely but I will never be alone. I defy it out of a will to suffer and I suffer but I don't tell everyone about it.
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At this moment I've no friend but loneliness is indeed a disease which you just feel paining you though you can't heal it! People suffer with loneliness and you see them shedding tears and suffer.
This is the clearest explanation of self-abandonment that I have ever come across.
I too used to be ashamed of being loud, but I integrated it by starting a punk rock band with my friends before I became a photographer.
Mostly loneliness is seen initially in the teenagers
You're personality is nothing more than an amalgamation of what kept you safe." Damn, Teal.....mind is blown over here. You are incredible! You have helped me to save my own life for a few years now, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
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