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Long standing global conflicts

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By host - KaburuA
The world has become less peaceful in the past year as longstanding global conflicts remain unresolved,Meanwhile, Syria, a nation plagued by civil war was ranked as the least peaceful country for the sixth consecutive year. Afghanistan, yemen, DRC,Iraq and Somalia scored among the 5 least peaceful.
If the world is serious about peace, I think the gloves need to be taken off and the problem needs to be exposed for what it is. Countries must stop conflicts,People must stop living their lives thinking they will live forever. We must be able to see the complete insanity of war and killing of each other.
It's worthwhile to consider a nation's progress in terms of positive peace, or the attitudes, institutions and structures that create and sustain peaceful societies. Civil resistance movements and societal responses are often a good indicator of a country's positive peace levels.
Various religious and secular organisations have the stated aim of achieving world peace through addressing human rights, technology, education, engineering, medicine or diplomacy used as an end to all forms of fighting #StandForGlobalPeace #SustainablePeace
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