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My background is in software development, with a BSE/MSE in Computer Science. I previously worked as a software engineer at some of the biggest international software companies In addition to running my own IT firm, I consult with tech companies on their engineering hiring process and with start-ups to help them through acquisition interviews.
Meet successful kid coder. A silicon valley star.
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How amazing is this child? To think that she's not even a teenager yet, but she's already doing such great things! Imagine turning down an opportunity to work for Google, that's an opportunity some can only dream of.
What are your thoughts on this? Is Samaira being overglorified?
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“A coding (descendent) in the making” does not make sense...
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She has a lot of talent, no doubt. But this may not be the most holistically fulfilling way of experiencing childhood.
Wonderful. Another of the world's finest young minds going to code banner ads and overlays and popular ads for products made by average minds and bought by people with below average shopping skills.
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Excellent, that is the god given luck for Samira she should keep up.
Wow and here in India we are still mugging up textbook whose content dates back to sme 5–6 decades........education in US is far more advanced (terms of studying the recent technologies or advancement).
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Really getting tired of seeing"coders" glorified this way! If you want to praise someone praise the creators - not the users.
Ooh an Indian again, you know why coz Indians are the best .
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