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Melania Trump : Alleged victims need evidence
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Interesting thought by a woman who lives with an alleged predator herself. In any another criminal offense it’s the polices job to collect evidence and the state attorneys job to prove that someone is guilty. If someone witnesses a murder case should they collect proof before they tell the police? No. And you would never say that because it’s ridiculous. So why put double standards on sexual assaults?
What are your thoughts on the US First Lady's comment, is there any merit to it?
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Really ? Hard to believe that this is actually coming from a woman. So should women tell the rapist to hold on a moment while they get their video recorder?
Evidence. Go to a microbiologist and if you report the next day, they can always get DNA samples and do matching.
Let's not get too irritated people. She is correct. We do need evidence. Sometimes women are just as much to blame in these cases as are the men. There are multiple people i know personally that are in prison with their lives ruined because someone didn't like them and said"he raped me" or he"sexually assaulted me" and then BAM that innocent (or even half innocent depending on the actual incedent) man's life is ruined forever and he will never have a decent job or be able to see his kids again. It is such a hard to judge case if there isn't EVIDENCE. It boils my blood to hear about rape but it boils my blood just as much to see guys I knew growing up being with terrible women and those women getting those men locked up out of overly zealous spite and hurt broken heart feelings
Here’s my thought. If your daughter entrusts you with her admission she was sexually assaulted do you A, believe her or B ask her to provide a rape kits or a video proving the attack? We would believe our loved ones, right? I think we can all agree on that. Now if we are going to file charges, an investigation needs to happen. That is the job of police and investigations. They listen to the witness and collect evidence, physical or otherwise, witnesses, etc. Most times innocent people aren’t locked away for rape or assault. There has to be plenty of evidence in most cases for jail time
And this is exactly why some women do not speak up. Like the perpetrators are going to admit guilt? Will there be proof readily available? I’m disappointed over her statement and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was also a victim at some point.
I agree. It's so easy to accuse and ruin a person's reputation. And some women do make up stories especially these days.
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Very true indeed. This will weed out pests and secondly if a lady accuses any one of such an offense and cannot prove it beyond any doubt,that lady must be prosecuted
I understand both sides of this issue! It’s very hard for victims to show evidence years later! It’s also very hard to speak of such horrible experiences shortly after they happen! I also understand the law, and how it works
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Instead of more victim-blaming you could maybe work towards a legal system and society in which men and women who are victims of sexual assault are believed and taken seriously with dignity, rather than dehumanized and ridiculed at every opportunity by a bunch of idiots with no empathy on the internet.
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Because sexual predators often strike when there’s witnesses to prove it happened.
I always knew she was an airhead, but this... ?? Now she's just excelling. Dumbest thing ever