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Convert bad news to good news.
I am a trained political analyst. I am also Political Science Ph.D. candidate conducting dissertation work on insurgencies, ethnic fracturing, and failed states. This follows the completion of my MA in Political Science where I conducted thesis research on the connections between ethnic fracturing and severity of an insurgency. In this time, I have presented a number of papers on related research and helped author an academic publication. Throughout my career, I have developed a number of skills, including open source Intelligence analysis, statistical analysis, political and conflict assessment, policy analysis, and research.
#MeToo must become #WeToo
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In Japan, more than two-thirds of rape and sexual assault victims said they have never told anyone what happened to them and only 4 percent have reported such crimes to police, according to a 2015 government survey. By comparison, the U.S. Justice Department in that year said almost 33 percent of rape and sexual assault crimes in the U.S. were reported.
Does the proposed #WeToo campaign signify unity and do you think it will encourage more women to come forward as victims and reduce the gender-based violence rate?
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The #MeToo movement was for those who had been sexually assaulted to stand with others it is not about to gender inequality. I do think a #WeToo or #UsToo is a good one
The problem with #MeToo is the same problem any movement has. It always starts off with good intentions and as it gets more popular it attracts more nuts and people that want to co-op it for personal gain
Women and kids cannot be saved from these scenarios all the time, but at least 60% of the time they can safeguard themselves from such moron’s in the society if we are united
I don't know whether #Metoo movement brought any changes for women, but all that I could say is, we can bring a change only if we change our attitude towards how we see things and how well we handle it. This applies for both men and women. So perhaps we really should consider changing the hashtag to #WeToo instead of #MeToo
Yes, definitely... it's a more united and supportive hashtag.
"When the #MeToo movement started in Fall of 2017, my social media feeds filled up with powerful, personal stories from amazing people, women and men both.

Incredibly brave souls, sharing some of the most vulnerable moments from their life. Almost all of them written with the intention to bring awareness that how perversely prevalent such incidents have been.

And it made its impact.

It was a surprise to see many people surprised that their loved ones were reduced to objects in a way they never considered or assumed."
The #MeToo campaign gives a discreet voice to those subjected to inappropriate attention of a sexual nature. If the new hashtag will seek to do the same thing as well, it makes no difference what you decide to cal it.
#MeToo is a revolutionary campaign. It has literally given strength to women to speak out. I know from my own experience that it is very tough to express yourself , your pain to anyone after any harassment. But any movement like this is a boost up to your inner self that if they can express then why should I hesitate. So like Shakespeare said"what's in a name".#MeToo/#WeToo
To be honest, it doesn't matter what we call it, the fact of the matter remains that society itself needs to change!
Just about every person is on this bandwagon. Even an honest, unintended handshake is now being seen as an impulsive sexual advance. How do we filter the truth from the attention- seeking and how do we know who is really at the root cause of the problem? The lines blur when you think about it. All these hashtags are fast becoming quite unnecessary to be quite honest
The #metoo campaign is gathering momentum and there is more to come. You ain’t seen nothing yet, we should definitely consider renaming the campaign.
#WeToo is a lot more supportive and collaborative and will make victims feel less alone.
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My only reluctance with all these movements and campaigns is that it’s word against word. Who will always win? The woman. Always the woman. Even if the man never touched her. With me too, everything has become sexual harassment. People break my personal space every day, but I don’t report them for sexual harassment, because it’s not. People have lost jobs because they touched a woman’s knee