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The world will be a better place if we all smile more often.
I am a part time grad student in developmental psychology and part time model.
New Plan to End Child Sexual Abuse Content Online
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Host jennifer.collins created this recurring group chat, that renews monthly
How can we stop child sexual abuse content from being posted online?
Host jennifer.collins created this recurring group chat, that renews monthly
The most heartbreaking issue in the world right now. Thank you for the incredible work you do for the children you find, support, and protect. Amazing xx
What can the average person do that will make the biggest difference? Being aware of what is happening doesn’t equip us with any tools or resources or avenues to be part of the solution! It’s just a horrific growing problem that seems insurmountable... educating people is step one but what next?
Honestly could not finish to watch this talk. Could not bring myself. I am thankful that there are much stronger people than myself out there, fighting this fight for the children. Thank you ❤
Shocking, sad, inexplicable. How can it be that humans can behave in this way, against children of their own species. Where, in the human gene, is the enabler that allows and encourages the action, the disgrace, the consequences. How, in a civilised society, in the United States, and in who knows how many other countries, has this appalling human flaw been allowed to develop, and, since the development of the web, and social media, expand. Millions upon millions of children are being tortured, their hopes and their lives ruined, while the world refuses to act to stop their suffering. It will not stop merely by locating and by jailing the perpetrators after they have acted. As another commentator stated above, you don’t just cure the sick, you prevent the disease. The disease here, is the world’s greatest human rights violation, and scientists, technicians, and societies must focus, at a genetic level, on finding out why men and women in a highly evolved species find it necessary, and somehow rewarding, to carry out evil sexual acts on children. Algorithms, in the expanding horror of it all, may assist.
Truly heartbreaking! How can the average person help? Keep fighting the good fight
It’s gonna be so wonderful when people start caring for civil and children’s rights as much as they care for cats and dogs...
It can be stopped if the internet service providers are quick to respond and block the material. Then come the tracking part, the hardest. Hope they invent a technology that could detect locate and rescue these children very fast. It requires an effective and excellent coordination.
Child sexual abuse is not freedom of expression. All forms of it need to come off the internet and perpetrators: both those who produce it and those who consume it need to be severely punished.
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