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I am a trained political analyst. I am also Political Science Ph.D. candidate conducting dissertation work on insurgencies, ethnic fracturing, and failed states. This follows the completion of my MA in Political Science where I conducted thesis research on the connections between ethnic fracturing and severity of an insurgency. In this time, I have presented a number of papers on related research and helped author an academic publication. Throughout my career, I have developed a number of skills, including open source Intelligence analysis, statistical analysis, political and conflict assessment, policy analysis, and research.
Plunge in Emmy Awards ratings comes as no surprise
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NBC drew an average of 10 million total viewers to its Emmy telecast hosted by Colin Jost and Michael Che, down more than 10 percent from last year’s show.
What do you think is the reason for the drop in viewership and ratings?
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Too much emphasis on streaming and not regular TV. Where was Big Bang Theory?? The Middle?? Will & Grace??? The Good Doctor??? Scandal???
Trump has not only destroyed the Democrat party, he’s killing off Hollywood just as easily.
The Hollywood elite liberals still don’t get it.So sick of the Trump bashing from uninformed, misinformed.They can’t figure out that they’re insulting half the country when they go on their political rants
Taking a wild guess here, but I am assuming the reason ratings for the Emmys are so low is because no one watches the shows that are up for nomination
This is not surprising at all. With all the streaming services and higher quality television programing it’s a wonder anyone watches this
This is why the Oscars are overreacting with the Popular film category. I followed the Emmys but on Twitter. I wasn’t really interested in all the rigamarole it takes to do an awards show. And that’s the new reality for these programs. You can get the same info without the awkward (and get to read all the jaded comments from people who think they know better)
As long as these award programs continue to be liberal propaganda diatribes chastising those of us not diverse and liberal enough I will not watch them. Elitist Hollywood snobs.
Airing them on a Monday night was a mistake. Sunday night would be better I think. Also, I did not like that the nominees were announced by an unseen announcer as opposed to the presenters– It became very monotonous after a while. Fred and Maya were a bomb!
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I think (and apparently by the ratings) America… Real America not just NY & CA are tired of watching shows and actors pontificate on the politics of the US. They’re job is to act. Make me laugh or cry. They are so self absorbed and think people want to hear their political views. Look at your ratings and think again.
I just want to relax and watch TV.

I don’t want to be lectured about being “white” or male. nor do I wish to partake in the celebration of the death of white culture – the culture that built this great nation, invented automobiles, aviation, gave the world electricity, put men into space, discovered DNA, gave the world computers and internet. I won’t have my culture – white culture – the culture of European ancestry – ridiculed on tv, and be expected to watch it.
People want to be entertained and escape from the misery that is politics and the constant fighting. The same reason the NFL ratings are down are the same reason for the Emmy’s people do not want politics encroaching on their viewing entertainment and do not care about the views of actors and athletes.